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City Services

Randleman Public Works Department

1002 East Naomi Street
Randleman, NC 27317
(336) 498-8285/FAX(336) 495-7503


Don Peeler

The Public Works Department consists of 8 men. These gentlemen are responsible for the repair and maintenance of our City’s infrastructure.

This consists of 17.82 miles of street maintenance, 1,661 water customers, 39.64 miles of water mains and 27.78 miles of sanitary sewer lines. All this takes place within a 4.0 square mile radius.

These gentlemen have to be extremely flexible and versatile. They must be able to respond to any emergency, as the situation deems itself necessary.

From snow removal, to burst water or sewer lines, they are the people responsible for keeping the City open and working for all our citizens.