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City Services

City Administration

101 Hilliary Street
Randleman, NC 27317


Appointed by the City Council, the City Manager is the chief executive officer for City government. He and his staff coordinate and manage the activities of all City departments and offices, prepare the annual budget, oversee the implementation of all City programs, and provide administrative assistance and support to the City Council. The City Manager also appoints all department heads and certain other staff.

City Manager        Tony Sears        336.495.7500


The City Attorney and his staff advise the City Council and City administration on the legal aspects of the City's activities. The City Attorney and his staff also act as advocates for the City's legal interest before the courts and quasi-judicial bodies, and deal with property owners, contractors, employees or any person whose actions have resulted in monetary loss to the City. The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council.

City Attorney        Robert E. Wilhoit        336.629.5200